Max size of signature images

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Max size of signature images

Post by Sir Killalot » Wed Apr 17, 2002 15:04

FF-Hobbes, on another thread wrote:3- The siggy problem has been resovled by the BB Board gods, seeing how it was too big, and im too lazy to fix it more.

:arrow: I'm to blame for this ppl :roll: Goose installed the mod I WROTE that limits the size of the signature pictures. Dunno which limits he has set actually, but from now on there are limits on filesize and dimensions of the signaturepicture you use. Maybe Goose can inform us on what these limits are exactly.
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Post by Goose » Wed Apr 17, 2002 16:15


The maximum allowed width of a siggy picture is 400 pixels.
The maximum allowed height of a siggy picture is 140 pixels
The maximum allowed byte-size of a siggy picture is 20000
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