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by FF-Tyrone
Wed Jun 06, 2001 22:24
Forum: Anything Goes
Topic: sniff............sniff
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Hey Kaifas,Welcome back friend. Its been a long time and i just wanna sya i am impressed by your devotion to the squad. For peeps who don't know him,he has been here for ages Give me your e-mail and i will give u all the needed passes. And how exectly would u like to come back? Do u want to be in co...
by FF-Tyrone
Sun Jun 03, 2001 19:01
Forum: Anything Goes
Topic: Ok,i am in
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looks cool to me Neo. get my stats over her and make the change. please,can all personall post all major issues on the ez board for now.Just untill the final change is made. Thank u. Neo,make the change whenever u are ready.... Ty out FF-Tyrone, Freedom Fighter Commanding Officer<br>F...