Raven needs a new computer (in the near future)

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Is now the best time to get a new computer?

Buy one now
No votes
Make one now
Wait until right before Vista is released (currently Jan 07)
Wait until after Vista is released
Screw DirectX10! Wait until Vista is released, and buy a DirectX9 card!
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Raven needs a new computer (in the near future)

Post by FF-Raven » Wed Jun 14, 2006 1:24

Ever since I started college I kinda lost all my knowledge about what makes a good computer, let alone a good gaming computer. I'm currently running an Intel laptop with a Radeon 7500, but I yearn for more ever since a suitemate of mine got a Dell XPS 600. Damn him and his SLI enabled graphics running Battlefield 2!

I've been trying to teach myself what's what these days, and learning what to look for and expect in a worthwhile computer for today, and post Vista days.

I've never built a computer before myself, and with that crutch I can't seem to pull myself away from Dell's XPS site. From what I can tell, they seem to be able to put together the best bang-for-your-buck package compared to any other companies out there.

But, from my homework, I have learned some things:

1) With the coming of Vista, DirectX10 will be imposed on the video card makers. Currently, there are no DirectX9 compatible video cards on the market. When will there be such a card? Perhaps post Vista release, or maybe a little bit before release. (Please correct me in any statements).

2) That new GeForce 7950 sure looks tastey...or does it? I've gone through extensive research for comparisons with current video cards, but I think the biggest weakness it has, is that it's a next gen card without next gen capabilities (DirectX10). IF I were to buy a new computer, perhaps it would actually be more reasonable in the long run to get a single 7900 GS and wait for the DirectX10 stuff to come out...and then perhaps wait some more until the 2nd wave of DirectX10 stuff comes out...correct?

3) Processor makers will be releasing their next gen stuff sometime in the near future. This would mean price reductions for the current age processors, saving a bit of money (yay). I'm currently looking at a Pentium D 930 and upwards as potential takers. But, with the loom of all these next gen processors, would it be more beneficial to go with the processors of today, or tomorrow?

I have a feeling the price of computers and their parts will initially go down later this year...and then start to pick up once computer makers begin to configure their wares for Vista...until they finally jump right up once Vista is released and its specs for optimal settings are cemented into computer makers. Am I clueless with such a forecast?

I'm probably going to follow the road of waiting until pre Visa launch, but I'd like lots of input on this.

In the meantime, my Ti 40 - sans the PAGE UP and RIGHT ARROW key after a disasterous spill of a full bottle of beer that caused the computer to refuse to boot up for over 2 hours, until it finally came back from the dead - will continue to play Counter Strike.

Thanks :D
Ryan "Raven" Egger
Freedom Fighters

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