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MWO Player Roster

Post by FF-Hobbes » Wed Jan 30, 2013 20:11

Please sign up below if you are an active MWO player for FF, Steam ID, MWO ID and geographic region (does not matter yet for servers, but may help organize teams).
Also, contact me or leave a message here if you need access to the MWO forum.

Active Players NA
  • FF-Hobbes ___________ MWO= FF Hobbes ________ Steam= FF-Hobbes
  • FF-Raven ____________ MWO= FFRaven __________ Steam=Raven
Active Players EURO
  • FF-Darkhalf __________ MWO= FF Darkhalf _______ Steam= FF-Darkhalf
  • Stateless ____________ MWO= Stateless _________ Steam= Stateless
  • ZeusCommander _____ MWO= ZeusCommander ___ Steam= James Popov
  • Ingy ________________ MWO= FF Ingy ___________ Steam= N/A
  • Goose_______________ MWO= Helbrimm _________ Steam= N/A
  • Oddthetall___________ MWO= Oddthetall ________ Steam = Oddthetall

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