our new vl admin!

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our new vl admin!

Post by Drake » Mon Jan 13, 2003 1:48

(Enter)> PC_M0uSE__
(Enter)> _317th_Baal
_317th_Baal> hi
PC_M0uSE__> hi got a small problem
_317th_Baal> oh
PC_M0uSE__> <,is tournaments lead admin bty
PC_M0uSE__> btw
_317th_Baal> i know =) so maybe i ever get my price for the last touney? =P
PC_M0uSE__> not sure on that one you need to speak to charli@mplus
PC_M0uSE__> ok in short you got accused of calling a fellow player in i think it was cdw a cheat ive seen the screen shot but need your side of the story
_317th_Baal> lol np didnt expect vl would send it to us anyway lol
_317th_Baal> i did?
PC_M0uSE__> yep you did
_317th_Baal> can i see the SS plz?
PC_M0uSE__> sure whats your email account
_317th_Baal> coz i havent played cdw for weeks
_317th_Baal> baal_is_god@yahoo.de
PC_M0uSE__> OK sending to you
_317th_Baal> ok =)
_317th_Baal> just wondering what was the name of the player?
PC_M0uSE__> because i need your side of it before i decide what to do
PC_M0uSE__> toilet bug
_317th_Baal> who is that lol?
PC_M0uSE__> not a clue
_317th_Baal> u sure u talking to the right baal?
PC_M0uSE__> where you in cbs
_317th_Baal> no never
_317th_Baal> been 317th for over a year
PC_M0uSE__> ok no problem :) wrong player sorry to bother you
_317th_Baal> np =)
PC_M0uSE__> )
PC_M0uSE__> i need to find baal69
_317th_Baal> hmm hes in vl?
PC_M0uSE__> yep
_317th_Baal> did ya search for dat callsign?
_317th_Baal> rofl dat SS is funny as hell tho =)
PC_M0uSE__> yep youres is the only one at present coming up maybe he/she knows hes gonna get caught
PC_M0uSE__> it is
_317th_Baal> sorry bro but i been in 317th for a year and i havent played and cdw in like 2 months
PC_M0uSE__> anyhow :) no problem sorry tohave disturbed you
(Exit)> PC_M0uSE__

i was locked for like 30 mins lol

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Post by foehammer » Mon Jan 13, 2003 16:03

CDW hax0rs? lmao

and what does charli have to do with a VL tourny? is that dude even in vl? lol
last i spoke to forsaken about the tourney he said he gave Xfrac all the info and it was up to him to send the prizes or something, so i doubt we will ever get them hehe, hell if my memory serves me right, X still owes some ppl prizes from a tourny in the 1st or 2nd cycle lolz

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Post by Dopez » Mon Jan 13, 2003 17:29

My god what stupid fucks,

forsaken said its Xfracs deal not charlies lol these guys are a bunch of froots.

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Post by Cr0v4x » Sat Jan 18, 2003 2:44

Lol..what a dumbfuck :D and such guys are VL admins.
CSJ NBTM - 317th VL

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