Prologue: Genesis

Our History
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At our inception, we numbered four. After nearly three months of incubation, we were ready. We honed our meager skills, grew in strength, and became true fighters. The period wore on our nerves, we who were so anxious to do battle, yet could not. Surely this time of restraint forged us into warriors rather than two bit thrill seekers, for when the time of testing came, we remained steadfast and succeeded, where many others failed and ran.

After we were finally released from our constraints we descended like hawks and our first victories came easy and quick. We felt invincible.

Then we faced our first tests. Almost simultaneously we began to lose battles badly and our founder informed us that he could no longer lead us and had to depart for parts unknown.

Leaving his successor behind to forge a true squad out of us, our founder left quietly. We did not know whether he would return or not, but we promised to keep the faith.

Here is our story, the story of the Freedom Fighters. May this book never be finished.


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