Chapter 1: Surviving the Game

Our History
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Post by FF-Hobbes » Mon Jun 18, 2001 6:20

The 2nd chapter of our history began when our new leader assumed command of us. With our founderÂ’ untimely departure and our battlefield defeats, he felt that our very survival was jeopardized. Indeed, our survival became his foremost goal.
To this end, immediate promotions and reorganizations were made, to retain our veterans and delegate more authority and initiative. This worked, and for the moment, we held together.
Though our survival for weeks, perhaps even months, was now assured, our permanence was not. Ultimately, it came down to an issue of morale. We had to maintain a high morale, but we were too few, and without enough victories to stay together. We needed raw manpower.
We lacked the reputation to recruit skilled pilots, so we adopted an open door recruiting policy, letting almost any friendly recruit join up on the principle that they would eventually learn skill, and all we had to do was be patient. Our ranks grew, but our sill lagged behind. It would prove to be a slow and painful lesson for our second leader to learn.
Although he had seemingly fulfilled the first half of his promise by ensuring our longterm survival, he realized that the squad now faced a larger, more complex problem that would prove very difficult to solve.


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