Chapter 2: The Great Sowing

Our History
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Our Second CO believed very much in planning and acting for the longterm. No one knew when or even if our founder would return, but our CO believe he was running short on time to fulfill the second part of his promise.
At the time we faced two separate, though indirectly related problems. Our ranks were growing too fast with too many unknown pilots, and when, through almost sheer luck, we caught a spy in our ranks, it became clear that something had to be done to weed out recruits who werenÂ’t going to last.
Simultaneously, we desperately needed to improve our collective skill. BIT, an idea that had been slowly simmering in the heads of our command staff would soon be implemented. The philosophy behind it was to train us to be more than just good pilots, we were to become independent forces, who could think, fight, function, and act decisively on their own. It was envisioned as more than a training program, it was to be an ethos.
Through a stroke of luck and an impressive duel, our very own Phoenix legend was born. She took our training and intensity to the next level, infusing it with the seeds that would eventually blossom and make us a truly formidable force. Before she died, she taught us the one thing we did not have, teamwork. This simple concept, based n her first few tactics, would blossom in the full glory of the Fire Teams.
With her expert help, the very structure of the squad changed, especially the way we recruited. We no longer needed manpower, so we switched to passive recruiting, letting anyone in who asked to be in. The catch came with BIT. Before any recruit would become a full member, he had to first complete BIT successfully, and also wait at least four weeks. Both clauses had to be satisfied. This program served us well.
Although she died, our Phoenix rose again. In the intervening months, much changed for us, and much did not. Such is the way the world works, and we are no exception.


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