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Louis Ste Colombe
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Post by Louis Ste Colombe » Thu Apr 15, 2004 0:06

Purchased his PC; Oct 2002
Bought MTW; Nov 2002
Played MP for the 1st time ever online (ok, putting chess aside); Feb 2003
Join FF MTW division; May 2003

AKA; Louis de la Ferte Ste Colombe (php shall accept longer name...), Smurfy, PapaSmurf, Pitufo, TurcoSmurf, Simurgh...

and also... Emmanuel, in real life; French, live in Boston, MA, USA.

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Queen of Deception
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Post by ladyAn » Mon Apr 26, 2004 10:40

Louis, as we all called him by his handle, is a perfectionist and has a multidimensional approach to the game. He still holds the record for longest name handle in Totalwar Series, and most bulltin boards, including this one, can't fit his handle to the name field.

Since when he joined FF clan, he has the handle Simurgh, which quickly turns into Smurfy, as we affectionately call him sometimes.

I called Louis a perfectionist because no matter how well he plays the game, he always found himself the worst critic. Such desire of self-improvement doesn't prevent him to help many others. He is co-authoring a guide for new players, and offers sound advices to newcomers.

But the most charming aspect I found from Louis: despite his argumentative nature (after all he is French), he is a great listener and never let a friend down.

Although we are on same time zone, I didn't have a lot of chance playing with Louis as I wish I would.

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