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FF Kalle

Post by [FF]Kalle » Thu May 20, 2004 15:10

on this board: Kalle or possibly FF Kalle

Joined FF via MTW division in February 2003,after having played many games with Gryphon, the girls, Phoenix, Almircar, Viking and Manticore before and after christmas 2002. The game we played (and still play) was of course medieval total war :D

Currently xo of the mtw-division, have been so since Annie stepped down.

Also acting as cwc-emissary (cwc=clanwarscompetition) of the division.

In real life ive got a teacherdegree in social science, history (mastersdegree), religion and geography but the kids are rougher then the opponents in total war so currently i am studying again to get a masters in library and informationscience. For the intrested I am from the cold north - Sweden.


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Post by Almircar » Fri May 21, 2004 17:46

Well, there are not many words i can tell about Kalle:

very strong player, very good officer, good emissary. Its the kind of player you can feel on any game you will be supported.

Its a good friend.

Un Saludo.
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Post by ladyAn » Tue Jul 20, 2004 7:08

Kalle has always been one of the strongest players in the division. He understands well unit matching and his catapults have made many good players lost their heads. Under his tenure as XO, the division has seen glorious days where we defeated more establish clans.

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