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Post by FF-Tyrone » Fri Aug 30, 2002 8:33

To prevent discussions about the bb and its forums as we had over the dsa forum, i have talked to Goose to get to an agreement about who decides.We came to an agreement wich both feel is right.
U can read the mail topic below if u like.

The conclusion is:

Squad Command ( Ty and Dark ) decide what goes. Goose has a veto in case something totally stupid is being asked.U can read the full agreement in the mail below.

I hope this settles this matter for once and for all.


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Van: Martin Roos Holm [mailto:martin@w3realm.net]
Verzonden: Thursday, August 29, 2002 11:19 PM
Aan: 'Esch, dhr. C. van'
Onderwerp: RE:

Ok with me.

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From: Esch, dhr. C. van [mailto:c.van.esch@lvnl.nl]
Sent: 29. august 2002 15:40
To: 'martin@w3realm.net'
Subject: RE:

Hi Martin,

Ok, then can u agree with the folowing?:

We, squad command, decide wether or not something is placed on the BB.
U have Veto, i.o. when u find a decision totally stupid, u have the right to act against the decision.
U will, when that occurs, ask the person who asks for the action to explain his reason so u can make a good judgement.
When u decide after considering the explanation, wether it is positive or negative, u will report it to squad command.

I hope we can agree to this.

A comment on the dsa forum: after considering the alternative i thought it was best to create a bb for dsa.Its because off this alternative why i decided to remove the dsa forum from the ff bb.

It was never my intension to trigger such a major discussion.
If there wasn't an alternative, i would have allowed it, althought i still feel that despite it is only online gaming,the bb should be filled with only ff matters.

I hope the discussion on the bb is finnished now, and that when u agree to the above, after informing the FF members, we can prevent it from happening again.

Waiting for your reply, Ty .

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Van: Martin Roos Holm [mailto:martin@w3realm.net]
Verzonden: Thursday, August 29, 2002 1:12 PM
Aan: Esch, dhr. C. van
Onderwerp: RE:

Hello Ty,

To be honest, I do not really care who is in control as long as I have the possibility of a veto in case something which i find silly is decided.

And also, to be honest, there was way too much hubub about the DSA forum. I suggested a complete forum was created for them but that was rejected by James and Nub from DSA. Then I decided that it was ok to create the forum since I thought it wouldn't interfere with the regular forum because of the access restrictions -- and DSA are old buddies of mine as well :)

Perhaps a DSA forum on the FF board is a bit odd, but too much hubub WAS created around it in my opinion. After all, this is only an online gaming community without corporate secrets; Ford forum on Ferrari's boards -- now THAT would be something do discuss ;)

Kind regards,

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From: "Esch, dhr. C. van" <c.van.esch@lvnl.nl>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 09:21:46 +0200

Hi Martin,

Maybe u have read already on the BB, but we need to discuss who is
responsable for the BB.
The general opinion is a bit devided.
One group is convinced u are free to do whatever u want becuase it IS your
And therefore don't have to answer your actions, as u decide as u please.

the other group, including me, thinks it is up to the CO to decide what goes
and what not.

My ideas are quite simple: i think it is up to command to judge requests for forums and sudge,but as the board is yours, we both, or including Dark, the three off us should agree on what goes and what not.

I think we need to agree on this so we can inform the members what we
agreed, so we can prevent discussions about this in the future.
Please tell me your own true opinion on this subject. Even if it goes
against my ideas.
I am not trying to get some sort off sole right in ff, just trying to get
things clear.

-= Ty Rone =-
-= OCFF Thug! =-

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