(Perhaps) some important information

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(Perhaps) some important information

Post by BOFH » Wed Sep 11, 2002 21:31

Hi y'all,

This is your captain speaking:

The serveradmin is now browsing around the boards, making announcements now and then: Whenever I'll have to do some kind of maintenance, due to security patches, updates etc., I will try to announce possible downtime in advance. Of course, if the update/patch is critical, I may take down the service, and not announce it before things are back up again. Hopefully, this won't happen that often. :D

Please feel free to PM me, if you have any questions at all. I will be happy to help you with virtually anything. 8)
(But: I won't make you a board admin or moderator - that's still up to Goose and the others to decide.)

For those of you, who haven't figured it out yet: Yes, I'm Goose's brother. :)


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