Why we have probation for trainees

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Why we have probation for trainees

Post by FF-Cernunnos » Mon Dec 23, 2002 19:48

Its come to my attention that people are screwing around with the probationary period for trainees.

The probationary period is 30 days max and everyone must do it.

We have probation for the following reasons.

1. It allows us too check people out, to see if they are right for us.

2. It allows them to check us out, to see if we are right for them.

People will wear the [FFr] tags if they are a trainee from now on because...

1. It allows members too know that a recruit is the real thing and not somebody pretending to be a new recruit.

2. It allows full members to attempt to train new members. The new member may be able to train the older member in some cases...so dont get cocky!

This stops all sorts of shit from happening and also gains the recruit access to games. If recruits dont do this and then cause trouble on other servers it will create a bad reputation for the clan as a whole; we will have no defence against accusations.

Any recruit refusing to wear the [FFr] tags where applicable will have this counted against them when their suitability for full membership is considered.

Probation does not neccessarily need to be the entire 30 day period. If a recruit is seen to be suitable then he/she may be entered as a full member at an earlier point...this does not mean day 1 or even week 1 of their probation!

Full members who change between games, i.e. CS to DoD, must wear the [FFr] tags for at least 1 week within the game they have changed to so that members of that game know who they are. This stops people from being kicked from clan games and stops arguements from happening in both private and public servers.

I am fed up at arguements over this stuff. These arguements show precisely why we have probation...so use it for gods sake!

If you dont use it then you will not be doing your job correctly and you will be removed from your CO/XO/TCO or RO position.

Finally all members whether rookie or full member WILL show each other respect...this is not negotiable, you will be allowed one strike at this then your out. If you want to act a twat then do it somewhere else, we dont want you.

Yes I am laying the smack down here, I will NOT go through another weekend like the one I have just been through. I am angry and frustrated about this...so any reply in the negative is likely to get a very short reply.
-=The FF Boss=-

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