Regarding the RTW Online Petition

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Regarding the RTW Online Petition

Post by Temptation » Wed Oct 20, 2004 1:54

As you may have noticed (or not), RTW online is far from perfect. In fact it even seems that the designers have spend most of their time on the eye-catching part of the game, while all but ignoring its MP aspect.

It feels very like that the multiplayer aspect is only half finished, with lots of bugs and gliches, such as the random inability to join a random number of games at random moments of the day, huge memory leak during online game, never been sure of what you notice in game is the same as what actually happens in the game and the lack of means to play this game competitive as a clan to name but a few issues.

Unfortunately, when confronting the designers with these issues and a few others, they were unwilling to listen and brushed us off with short answers such as that we either do not have the right computer/connection to play this game, we simply do not understand how this game works, that we do not represent anyone online, or a combination of above.

This is why this petition started. Eventhough I do not agree with everything the petition list as issues, let alone the priorities, I do think that we should support the community and I have agreed to sign the petition.

I am asking the same of you. If you want to sign the petition you can simply go to this thread viewtopic.php?t=6447 and make a post adding your [FF] tag name. That thread also has the link to the actual petition and its related discussions.

I am asking this not only to those part of the RTW divisions, but also of the rest of FF. If you have the RTW game or intend to get it, no matter whether you want to play it online or not. Even to those of us who do not intend to get the game. I am asking for your solidarity for a fellow FF division, for your fellow FF'rs. Because I am afraid that if some of these crippling issues are not solved, there will be little point in having a RTW division as some of these issues not only tend to spoil the fun that can be have in a TW game, it also has crippled the online community and even prevents us and all the other clans from running the various clan competitions we enjoyed in MTW and STW.


Nathalie, TW division CO

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