RTW; counter to Horse Archer

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Louis Ste Colombe
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RTW; counter to Horse Archer

Post by Louis Ste Colombe » Mon Nov 22, 2004 0:01

After a discussion in lobby with Temptation, I thought it would be a good idea to start a topic on how to counter horse archer armies (think 8 or more Horse Archer and same number of regular cavalry).

Horse Archer have been improved in RTW. Now skirmish works well. And they have canta circle making them impervious to missile. Also missile scores more kills.

I believe there are ways to counter Horse Archers... Most of them requires a lot more micromanagement than using the Horse Archer...

The easiest one; large cavalry rush.


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Post by Spectre » Thu Dec 16, 2004 17:08

I'd suggest using well-armoured units covering some decent archers, preferably from an elevated position. The canta circle "shoot left of target" effect is incredibly annoying, but expert archers either shoot faster arrows or have better aim and can actually score some kills. Man, I'd like an "Attack Area" -command...

Armour helps; for example armoured phalanxes are pretty damn difficult to shoot from the front. Unfortunately, defensive tactics can draw some flak from opponents: "u need 2 attak n00b"... but, seriously, what general in his right mind would take a balanced army on the offensive against a mixed HA / cavalry army... on steppes? :wink:

Also noticed that HA in cantabrian have a slightly extended range. In practice this means that the front edge of the circle may be on the spot where the targeting arrow normally turns green, but the HA at the rear of the circle can still shoot the targeted enemy unit.

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Queen of Deception
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Post by ladyAn » Sat Feb 26, 2005 18:40

After patch 1.2, the HA is less useful for 2 reasons:
1. HA can't shoot on the fly or when skirmish away;
2. Cantabery circle tires horses fast, to the point that I consider to ignore the HA in cantabery circle. Canta circle can't take away my archers and even ignoring HA and let it shoot archers, I still come out ahead.

- Possess weapons of mass distraction

Lt Commander
Lt Commander
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Post by Gustavus2 » Sun Feb 27, 2005 10:21

When you are analyzing the cost/effect of a weapon or an unit. Not just view
their physical effect but also need to combine with their psychal result.

Such as the JU87(Stuka) dive bomber which used by German during WW2. They had
great help for the success of so called "Blitzkrieg"(Lightning war).
Not only they can bomb but also because they can shock enemies by the din while
they are flying over and closing. That made a kind of psychal shocking then
quickly turn them, enemies, to rout, or hide out with wobbling.
In another word, making enemies organization breaking. (Of course, "Blitzkrieg"
was a process with complex combination such as with tanks break through a selected
point then fast expanding and so on.)

Back to the Cav Archers of RTW. Especial when enable the "Cantabrian Circle" mode.
They can, as mentioned here, make enemies feel annoying, sometimes mess up their
mind, so may force them do something they shouldn't do or put too much attention
to deal with them(Cav Archers).

And, if you don't waste them too early. They will keep shooting enemies while our
army go into melee with enemies. They keep shooting enemies in melee, enemies in
chasing, enemies during regrouping..... since Cav Archers also get less damage
in this mode so may stay longer than foot archers in game.

At right time, right place, by using right way, they can also use for hitting
enemies's back to assist the combat as a fast tactic support tool. And, use
them to chase enemies so keep your other more valuable cav at more important

Yes, they tired fast when using this mode. But we just use them to finish a
game. You don't need nurses to take care of them after the game. Right?

Last, pure my own opinion, they are so beautiful when use "Cantabrian Circle"
mode to shoot enemies. Just like a flower blossoming on the front of army.
Right wing put one, so is left wing. 2 flowers are blossoming, or, 2 windmills
are turning. Most time let me enjoy the game replays were by watching those

Cav Archers may be a bit of too expensive but take 2 of them are useful. They
are good for using to support allies too.

Of course, I won't use them to shoot enemies cheap archers. Better shooting
enemies cavs/Inf/Phalanxes. I am still learning the way to use them but I think
better put them on wings not front of battle line.

(How to against them may well said as above posts by Annie/Louis/Spectre.)

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Sweet Trouble
Sweet Trouble
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Post by Temptation » Wed Mar 02, 2005 13:14

cataphract horse archers are the best counter to them...

but failing that... when in canta circle horse archers will tire very very fast. When they are exhausted they cannot run away so well from your cav. However in the meantime they can wreak havoc with your lines.

Dont let archers fire at horse archers in canta circle, waste of time and arrows. Try to shoot at some valuable units, then when both units are targetting each other valuable units, you are winning out because each archer unit kills more over time, especially since you usually are having more archers.

What I tend to do is to keep forcing the horse archers to move out of canta circle by skirmishing cav... that way when they move out iof canta circle, they become easy targets for my archers again.

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