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(SWG) Game Tip's

Post by FUBAR4U2 » Fri Jul 09, 2004 8:35

SWG Game Tips! I got these from the SoE Forums hope they help someone.

If you hold down CTRL and roll your mouse wheel while in any inventory or chat channel, the size the items or font will enlarge or shrink, making it easier for you to manage them.

If you hold down ctrl with the over head map up and use the mouse wheel it will zoom in/out on the map.

Tip, you can pull down your hotkeys bar and use Shift +F1-F12 for an additional 12 hotkeys.

If you enter /notepad or /note or /no into your chat box, it will bring up a seprate notepad box you can type in. The stuff you type in the notepad is saved, so you can always bring up the information again by entering /notepad or /note or /no (it is also saved as a .txt file in your SWG folder).

Tired of waiting at a starport to only miss the ship because you had a bio break or grabbed a soda.....Create a macro named Board_Shuttle with these lines:
/ui action toolbarSlot23;
/pause 10;
/macro Board_Shuttle;

Create an alias named shuttle to run the macro:
/alias shuttle /macro Board_Shuttle;

Then all you have to do, is drag your ticket into the last toolbar slot (shift-f12) and type /shut. When you get to your destination, type /dump.

If you constantly hate sending tells to someone that's running away from you, and you're frantically trying to spell their name correctly, or someone with a large and unpronounceable name is infront of you, target them and type /tt (tell target) to send a tell without typing their name in. This is also a good shortcut for adding in Doctor buffing macros. I use this all the time, but you have to be careful with it, as it has a tendency to drop the first word. Usually "can" and "do" are the ones that get dropped the most for me, so: "/tt Can you train me" comes out at as "You tell *** "You train me"". Sort of changes the context of your message from friendly question to arrogant demand.

Tip- With this starport tip, you will not need to bother with any other macros. What you do is this- right after you buy your ticket at the ticket counter, there is no need to run all the way back to the droid to see your shuttle leave. All you do is type
/board transport ( /bo tr works as well ) and you can get on the shuttle right after buying your ticket! It works like a charm.

If you right click on the waypoint monitor you can select from available waypoints on the curent planet from a menu.

If you need to talk to your guild or your group, but get tired of switching between spatial to the two other tabs, from spatial you can type /gu <message> to type to your guild or /g <message> to type to your group.

Tired of trying to find a person in a crowd? Running around in circles at the bank? Type /tar PlayerName and he will be targeted.

You don't have to wait or risk getting warped when dismounting. As long as you don't mind a VERY smelly speeder that is.
Simply make this macro for dismounting.

/pause 1


/pause 1;

100% of the time you will still be standing directly in your speeder which now has a fresh coat of vomit.

Here is a tip for medics, comes in handy when you have to heal someone, or yourself, in a hurry make two macros

/ui action clearCombatQueue;
/healdamage self;


/ui action clearCombatQueue;

I find clearing the combat queue is much nicer then using peace, I hope this helps someone
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