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Post by FUBAR4U2 » Fri Nov 12, 2004 16:20

Mourning is a new persistent online world set in turbulent medieval times. Mourning plunges players into a beautifully detailed world to explore, which includes underground caverns and dungeons, woodlands, mountain ranges, deep forests, ice lands, cities and towns.
In the near future you could expect to see almost 70 new worlds launched on the market. Some of them are just expansions or parts of an older title but all of them want to bring us better graphics and innovative ideas or concepts in regards to game play. Mourning will not feature classes, levels or experience points, only races, skills and attributes. In this way we hope to offer much more freedom to players when developing their in-game personas. One of the problematic areas in any MMORPG is the usual repetition of its game play. In order for characters to progress, the players must invest hours killing more and more creatures and in time, he or she learns all the mechanisms of the game, gets the best items which correspond to his or her class or race, and then the character reaches the highest level permitted by the game. Game over! With Mourning, we put an end to the end game pitfall players find in other MMORPGÂ’s by making a unique and challenging game.

We gave up the first generation level and class based systems and adopted a political and economical system that allows for alliances, expansions, territorial invasions, player vs. player fights or server events generated by Lore Game Masters. Fights larger than one on one PvP encounters will be allowed such as RvR (realm vs. realm), TvT (town vs. town), VvV (village vs. village) or GvG (guild vs. guild). Moreover, these fights will not necessitate a certain level from the characters that will attend them because there is no such thing as level progression of the characters in Mourning. In this way we are attempting to encourage greater communication between players and the support of new ones with money, items or advice.

A unique bloodline system exists to create many role playing possibilities, and allows for truly epic game play experiences. Players no longer are forced to stay with one character through out the game. Here they can have an entire bloodline or lineage, where the founding character of a line is born into the world bearing the name that all characters born thereafter will bear. With this feature comes the ability to marry, have children, and in the case of death, the player continues living in the game world through his or her child as a playable character and receives the benefits that come with that characters existing bloodline. All the characters will have a life of their own that begins with the age of around 15 or 16. Characters are born, get married, sire children and eventually die from natural causes. Children will inherit a higher speed of developing certain skills that his or her parents mastered, as well as wealth passed down from generation to generation. The most important thing a child will inherit is Fame, an important feature that helps in measuring all the player's actions within the game world. In Mourning the child of a very well known hero will gain many advantages.

Mourning sets out to change the general perception of the playability of MMORPG titles by veering off the well traveled path others have taken and by implementing many innovative ideas such as bloodlines, player generated questing systems, player driven economies, territorial conquest and the removal of player levels and classes.
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Post by James » Fri Nov 12, 2004 17:00

Signed up for beta

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