Axis and Allies multiplayer betatest

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Axis and Allies multiplayer betatest

Post by FUBAR4U2 » Thu Jul 29, 2004 4:38

Hello FUBAR4U2! and welcome to the Axis and Allies multiplayer betatest. I know you're very eager to re-enact grandiose WW2 battles, but, well, you'll have to wait just a few more days until your CDs arrive. We'll let you know when the CDs are mailed out, and it should only be about 4-5 business days after that that you can install, log on and get in the game.

For now, check your e-mail, you should find instructions on how to register for the private Axis & Allies forum, where you can meet and greet your fellow testers.

Thanks for volunteering to help us make Axis & Allies RTS the best game it can be!

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